We're a step ahead of the competition.  Whether you've suffered a knee, shoulder, back, elbow, wrist, hip or ankle injury, our experienced therapists can help you get back in your game in less time than you ever thought possible.

We can also help you turn back the clock on aging and get back in your game with a carefully designed program to help you prevent age-related problems by increasing your endurance, strength and flexibility for a healthier, happier lifestyle.  Unlike most pure fitness centers, your personal physical therapist carefully evaluates you before you start any program.  You will also be monitored throughout the program, making sure you achieve your goals safely.

We believe in the effectiveness of physical therapy for all kinds of sports injuries.  We can get patients back to their sports and other activities sooner, with less chance of reinjury.

We have vast experience working with competitive and professional athletes.  Craig Goodwin, PT, has worked with members of the NFL, NBA, NHL and numerous college and high-school athletes.  Our therapists have treated virtually every type of sports-related injury, too.

Even if you are a weekend warrior or simply an active person who enjoys hobbies such as golf, fishing, biking or hunting, the skilled physical therapists at Orthorpedic & Sports Therapy are here to help with the same treatment techniques we use on the pros.

Since 1991, we have delivered thousands of healing treatments to Louisiana residents.  Using a unique combination of positive motivation, personal attention and hands-on techniques, we have helped thousands achieve healthier, more active lives.

We truly care about your recovery.  Add it all together, and you know why we're the leaders in hands-on, personalized care.

For more information about any of our sports physical therapy programs, please call one of our three conveniently located offices in Kenner, Metairie or Westbank.  See firsthand why so many doctors recommend us.