Orthopedic extremity injuries, or injuries to the bones, joints and muscles of the arms and legs, can all be helped by qualified physical therapists.  A combination of leading edge treatment and comprehensive hands-on care eases discomfort and speeds recovery from all kinds of injuries.

Our enthusiastic physical therapy care team customizes treatments and tailors programs to get fast, long-lasting results.

  • Body mechanics - We provide individualized assessments of posture and body mechanics that lead to independence and better symptom management.  Our programs also help increase patients' activity tolerances for home tasks and other activities while decreasing the chances of reinjury.

Many patients have suffered repetitive-strain injuries, fractures and postsurgical problems that require our help.  So we build and enhance each patient's skills for the activities of living.

Active physical therapy is our proven method of achieving that.  As a result, we are able to get patients back to living, playing and working sooner, with less chance of re-injury.

For more information about our orthopedic extremity rehab programs, please call any one of our three convenient locations in Kenner, Metairie or Westbank.  See firsthand why so many doctors recommend us to their patients with bone, joint and muscle injuries.