Pro-Active Lifestyles




Pro-Active Lifestyles and Physical Therapy


Physical therapy as a profession started in the early 1920’s and has evolved into one of the most respected professions in the medical field.  Early on, physical therapists were in high demand as the need to rehabilitate soldiers injured in World War II escalated.  As the profession grew and continues to grow today, Physical Therapists are hard at work trying to teach injury prevention and wellness in our communities around the country as well as working with their primary responsibilities of rehabilitating injuries.  Physical therapists have always worked within a team approach along with the physician and other healthcare personnel to help restore a patient to the most functional recovery as possible.  Today, the profession maintains its close relationship with physicians and the community to teach pro-active methods of living as injury-free and healthy as possible.  Treating back or neck pain due to arthritis as well as many other injury types is what the profession does on a daily basis; however, Physical Therapists teach a well-rounded educational program to help the patient function on a daily basis with his or her injury.  We get the patient involved in exercise programs at home to help them maintain their strength, flexibility, and stability around an injured joint.  We also get involved in the community to help individuals recognize the importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 


Many of us live with some aches and pains from the wear and tear we have put our bodies through for many years.  Arthritis is one of the inevitable conditions that we all will face as we get older.  Pro-active lifestyles that include exercise for strengthening and flexibility will help reduce stress and maintain full range of motion in those joints affected.  We can not sit back and allow these conditions to deteriorate our body and gradually limit our ability to function.  We must become active in our lifestyle to improve our health in all areas of our lives.


Two of the most recognizable side effects of not leading a pro-active lifestyle in maintaining our health are obesity and cardiovascular disease.  Exercise allows us to become more active, preventing illness and establishing good cardiovascular health.  Obesity causes many of the illnesses that lead to a lifestyle of poor health and well-being.  Becoming pro-active in a lifestyle of exercise and diet will help you increase your chance of living a healthier life.  


We need to become more pro-active in our efforts to not only start, but continue a program that will maintain wellness in our lives.  I would like to see more people get to know a physical therapist in their community that can help educate them in working with an injury or guide them in becoming more active in their health for their future.