Edmond D
  I would like you to know that my rehab at your facility has been going along pretty much as I had expected. I have experienced some pain, but nothing that is unbearable. You and your staff tend to push me to my limits at each therapy session...something that I feel has contributed much to my progress. I am very pleased with you in that you have shown personal attention on each visit. Your entire staff that worked with me and oversaw my rehab should also be complimented. Each and every staff member was highly attentive and provided much needed encouragement during those exercises that were at times somewhat challenging. They helped ensure that each step was not only physically bearable, but also made a real contribution to my final goal of a completely functional knee. You and your staff were extremely friendly, greeted me warmly upon entering and never made me wait to start my routines or waste time between routines. In addition, I feel that time on task was sufficient to accomplish my goals as each session lasted no less than 75 minutes with some sessions lasting over 90 minutes. In short, I am extremely pleased with my program and the services provided by you and your staff, and would recommend your facility to anyone needing physical rehabilitation. Yours truly, Edmond D.