Litigation/Attorney Financial Policy

In order for us to meet our financial obligations, Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner, Metairie and Westbank requires a letter of protection from your attorney, along with a $500.00 deposit and an agreed payment plan of $300.00 per month.  If you have insurance coverage for your injury, we will file your claims to your carrier on your behalf.  We will ask that you sign a form allowing payment to be made directly to us.  A monthly statement of charges and payments will be sent to your attorney.  We will request a status update routinely from your attorney since we will need to know if your attorney is still representing you and if the case is still pending.  If for some reason you change attorneys, we must be notified immediately.  Should your lawsuit be dropped, payments of any unpaid balance will be your responsibility and due in full.

The patient is to authorize the attorney to pay any unpaid balance on account for services rendered.  The patient is to understand that no settlement proceeds will be disbursed without first paying the unpaid balance of charges owed to Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner, Metairie and Westbank.