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The physical therapists and physical therapy assistants at our Kenner and Metairie, LA, locations have received intensive training in the latest techniques and equipment to provide you with optimal results during your therapy.

Physical Therapists

Craig Goodwin, President & Physical Therapist at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy

Craig Goodwin, PT, President, All Locations

I’ve devoted a good part of my career to working behind the scenes to improve physical therapy care, support legislative change, and support the outstanding work of referring physicians. There’s so much about physical therapy that I enjoy, particularly being able to get patients back to their favorite activities. I also enjoy working with patients, coaches, and faculty at area schools on injury prevention and advanced training techniques for various sports. Everything we do, in fact, is aimed at providing the highest level of patient care.

David Ware, Physical Therapist & Director of Orthopedic & Sports Therapy in Metairie, LA

David Ware, PT, Director, Metairie Location

I am proud of the fact that we can ensure that all patients receive consistency of care by seeing the same physical therapist every visit. This is important to the patient and allows us to make good decisions at each visit. We treat everyone, from the pediatric to the geriatric patient, with compassion, dignity, respect, and positive motivation. I love working with people who are in acute pain from an extremity or spinal problem. It’s great to see them leave feeling and functioning better.

Henry Nuss, Physical Therapist at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy in Kenner, LA

Henry Nuss, PT, Kenner Location

Though I work with patients of all ages, I really enjoy working with people who have been injured at work. My extra training and experience in industrial physical therapy and my interest in helping people regain their livelihoods is a great benefit to my patients. I enjoy working with shoulder, knee, and spinal patients. I always treat my patients as if they were my friends, and they always feel the difference.

Teddy Lopez, Physical Therapist at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy in Kenner, LA

Teddy Lopez, PT, Kenner Location

I take great satisfaction is assisting our physicians with the care of their patients. As our clinic specialist in spinal disorders, I welcome the challenge that such diagnoses bring. Treating patients with empathy and understanding, especially in the case of chronic conditions, has made a true difference in physical therapy compliance, improvement in their conditions, and overall enjoyment of the physical therapy experience. I also enjoy being our clinic liaison with the Hispanic community. An easy, open line of communication with all of our patients is critical.

Jonathan Reyes, DPT at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy in Kenner, LA

Jonathan Reyes, DPT, Kenner Location

As a physical therapist, I take pride and great joy in getting our patients back to what they like to do as well as improve their overall quality of life. While it is difficult at first to see the patient the first day of treatment in pain and with other ailments, it is a great joy to see them at the end of their time with us with minimal to no pain as well as giving them back their quality of life. I also take great joy in communicating with our Hispanic community as this is a growing population in Kenner and should be served accordingly with respect and open communication. 

Physical Therapy Assistants

Stacy Donegan, Physical Therapy Assistant at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy in Kenner, LA

Stacy Donegan, PTA,
Kenner Location

Taylor Valeton, Physical Therapy Assistant at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy in Matairie, LA

Taylor Hesse Valeton, PTA,
Metairie Location

Our Therapy Dog

You may notice a sweet, polite pup in the therapy room. She will likely be helping someone with their therapy! Specially trained in obedience and cues, Annie will either assist with physical therapy or act as a motivator.

Animal-assisted physical therapy has several benefits for your mental health. It can initiate an automatic relaxation response, promotes the release of mood-elevating hormones, decreases anxiety, provide a happy distraction, and reduce the initial resistance to therapy. For physical health, Annie can help lower your blood pressure, slow breathing in those who are anxious, release hormones that have the same effect as chocolate, diminish overall pain, promote relaxation during exercise, and increase motivation.

Our therapists are waiting to help you get back in motion without pain!
Choose the location that’s most convenient for you.

Remy Goodwin, Therapy Dog at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy
Remy Goodwin, Therapy Dog Registration

Welcome From Our President

The staff of Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner and Metairie would like to welcome you into our physical therapy practice. I know there are many choices in outpatient physical therapy, and we would like to thank you for choosing us as your physical therapy provider. Our goal is to get you, the patient, back to your normal level of function and we will be dedicating ourselves every day in working to restore your normal motion and strength, while decreasing your pain, to bring you back to a level of function that you were accustomed to prior to your injury.

Your commitment and dedication to your rehabilitation are vital for a complete recovery. The front office staff will work with you to set up convenient appointment times that will allow you the time needed to successfully complete your rehab. The staff at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy is here for you and we are dedicated to providing excellence in outpatient physical therapy service.

Our committed professionals are here to help you achieve a successful outcome in your rehabilitation. We live by the words, “Success lies in not trying to be someone, but in trying to help someone.” Our practice continues to grow by referrals from our patients. I hope your experience at Orthopedic & Sports Therapy gives you the confidence in us to recommend your family and friends. Please use our website as a resource guide to your physical therapy needs.


Craig M. Goodwin, P.T., President
Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner and Metairie

Our therapists are waiting to help you get back in motion without pain!
Choose the location that’s most convenient for you.

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