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Injury Therapy

Work-Related Injuries

At Orthopedic & Sports Therapy, we provide high-quality rehab services to patients involved in workers’ compensation cases. These services include, but are not limited to:

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

This includes one-on-one care with our experienced, licensed physical therapists. Our clients don’t linger in therapy spending unnecessary time with passive treatments. They get intensive, focused, hands-on care that promotes fast recovery.

Pre-Employment Screenings and Ergonomic Assessments

We provide a complete evaluation of your ability to perform the specific job you are being hired for. We analyze all of the physical requirements and match them to your abilities. After you are hired, we can provide ergonomic safety assessments of your workstation to help prevent injury.

Work Conditioning and Industrial Rehab

This rehab program is customized for your injured worker’s specific needs. We offer innovative educational and rehabilitation programs to prepare employees for an efficient return to work. Back and neck care, personal exercise plans, and more help our clients maintain their results long after their therapy has ended.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

These thorough, objective assessments are completed with the Blankenship method, one of the most reputable work function assessment systems available today. We objectively quantify work-related functions and provide clear documentation through standard testing protocols.

Workers’ Compensation

We’ll work with your case manager and physician, acting as your advocate during your recovery. We will file all of the necessary paperwork and ensure that everyone involved in your case understands your condition throughout therapy, what you can and cannot do, and when you can return to work. Count on us to make your workers’ comp case progress smoothly as you recover from your work-related injury.
Dry needling treatment

To find out more about our work-related injury care and industrial rehab, call the location nearest you today.

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