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Symptoms in Joints:

Pain, stiffness, swelling, redness, decreased range of motion.

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Physical Therapy Can:

Improve body mechanics to reduce pain and increase range of motion; Provide treatments and exercises to ease joint pain and stiffness

Orthopedic Injuries


Pain due to trauma to the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, or ankle

Physical Therapy Can:

Provide treatment to ease discomfort and shorten recovery time; Assess body mechanics to prevent reinjury; Provide therapy to exercise and stretch for proper healing

Surgical Procedures

Procedures May Include:

Total knee replacement; Total hip replacement; Shoulder replacement; ACL reconstruction; Rotator Cuff Reconstruction

Physical Therapy Can:

Provide therapy and exercises to restore strength, range of motion, mobility, and full recovery


Q: Do you have a Privacy Policy?

A: Yes. Orthopedic & Sports Therapy has created this privacy statement to demonstrate our firm commitment to our visitors’ privacy. The following discloses our information-gathering and dissemination practices for this website.

  • Information collected is never sold, rented, loaned, or the like to any third party for any reason.
  • Your IP address is only used to help identify you.
  • Financial information that is collected is used to bill the purchaser for our services.
  • All information submitted is considered confidential in nature and will not be disclosed to anyone except under a subpoena in a court of law.
  • We use your personal health information primarily for treatment, obtaining payment for treatment and/or services, conducting internal administrative activities and evaluating the quality of care that we provide. For example, we may use your personal health information to contact you to provide appointment reminders or information about treatment/service alternatives or other health-related benefits that could be of interest to you.
  • Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner and Metairie may change its policy at any time. When changes are made a new Notice of Information Practices will be posted in the waiting room, patient exam areas, and gym. A copy will be provided to you at your visit. You may request an updated copy of our Notice of Information Practices at any time.
What is your policy around private insurance & Medicare?

A: Our staff is pleased to bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you once your insurance coverage has been verified. Please note, verification of benefits is not a guarantee of benefits, only an estimation. Benefits are determined after your insurance company processes your claims. It is your responsibility to remit any amount not covered by insurance.

Our staff will request authorization from the patient to release any medical information necessary to process his/her claim(s). Payment of medical benefits will be assigned directly to Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner and Metairie. If a claim is denied, we will request authorization from the patient to appeal with the insurance carrier or Medicare carrier.

Q: Do you have information about workers’ compensation?

A: Our staff will authorize and/or pre-certify your workers’ compensation claim with your employer’s insurance carrier. We will file all the necessary paperwork to make sure your claims are processed correctly. We will assist in the workers’ compensation process to provide a smooth journey for you and everyone else involved.

Q: Does my lawyer need to be involved if it’s a workers’ compensation case?

A: In order for us to meet our financial obligations, Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner and Metairie requires a letter of protection from your attorney, along with a $500.00 deposit and an agreed payment plan of $300.00 per month. If you have insurance coverage for your injury, we will file your claims to your carrier on your behalf. We will ask that you sign a form allowing payment to be made directly to us. A monthly statement of charges and payments will be sent to your attorney. We will request a status update routinely from your attorney since we will need to know if your attorney is still representing you and if the case is still pending. If for some reason you change attorneys, we must be notified immediately. Should your lawsuit be dropped, payments of any unpaid balance will be your responsibility and due in full.

The patient is to authorize the attorney to pay any unpaid balance on the account for services rendered. The patient is to understand that no settlement proceeds will be disbursed without first paying the unpaid balance of charges owed to Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner and Metairie.

Q: What is your policy for private-pay patients?

A: The patient understands and agrees that he/she is responsible and liable for payment of all charges assessed for professional services rendered. The patient is primarily responsible for all charges (including late charges). If a payment plan is required, our staff will be happy to enroll you in our Easy Pay program for your convenience.


Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner and Metairie is affiliated with the Physical Therapy Provider Network (PTPN). We are contracted with and “in-network” for most insurance companies. Our staff is happy to bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you after your insurance coverage has been verified. Below is a general list of insurance companies. Please note that is not comprehensive. Contact our office for additional insurance company affiliations. Our staff will be happy to obtain any verification or authorization on your behalf to ensure the prompt scheduling of appointments. Our goal is to help you clearly understand all aspects of your insurance coverage for physical therapy services. We are participating providers with most insurance companies.  Please contact our office for additional network listings.

We accept the following insurances:

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